The Tekworks Process

How do we get started?

Don’t know where to begin? Tekworks has the solution. We will provide you with clear, concise, and straightforward answers to your computer-related questions in language that you can understand. As soon as your requirements are defined, we will manage the entire process, whether it be a short or long-term IT solution. Wouldn’t you rather focus on what you do best?

The development of your customized solution plan will commence as soon as you call our office. Together we will begin the process of defining your:

IT Issues

Possible Solutions




We take a proactive approach to problem-solving with our clients and follow a proven process. Once a solution plan is developed, the Tekworks team will come to your office to complete the work required to implement your solution plan or IT project.

We don’t stop there! Tekworks will also provide hourly, fixed or maintenance contract services to verify that all systems are up to date, thereby reducing the risk of future problems and ensuring stable and accessible systems for your business.