IT Services for Dental Clinics

Tekworks specializes in delivering quality IT services and solutions to specialty Dental and Oral healthcare providers including:

We offer turnkey systems from consulting, to installation, to support, for our Dental customers and our goal is to be your trusted technology provider.

Teworks is about Dental focused IT…we know what a bite wing is!

Dental offices use specialized software and imaging systems; it’s important for your IT support to be familiar with these and in that regard, we provide the following:

Focused on Dental IT

Our goal is to provide your practice with the critical IT support it deserves, minimize downtime and to take advantage of the latest technology available to drive your Dental business forward. We understand what it takes to put a dental office together and have it run efficiently; from initial design consultation, through to IT equipment installation and on to implementing sound backup solutions and server management, we have the knowledge and experience to make it happen.

Tekworks is the leader in IT support for Dental clinics!