IT Services for Medical Offices

The cornerstone of our business and where Tekworks established their roots by offering smart Medical IT solutions and reliable service. To this day we continue to support our Medical customers and specialize in:

Tekworks Medical IT solutions are a complete suite of services for your medical practice. More than just IT support, Tekworks provides complete, innovative and effective IT solutions specific to the Medical industry.

Regulatory Compliance is key as PIPA, PIPEDA and College regulations are constantly changing, so it’s imperative that your technology is continually monitored and upgraded to ensure it meets the most current rules. That applies to how your practice software or EMR applications store data, how your storage protects it, and how your networks communicate said data, both on the local network and the Internet.

Medical IT Expertise

Tekworks has the experience and knowledge to keep your medical practice running smoothly. Our extensive list of customers includes every specialty, allowing us to understand your practice, and your needs. We understand the flow of medical practice IT support, and what it takes to relieve you of the burden of managing computer and server systems.

We are the leader in IT support for Medical offices!